Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Here’s how CNC Laser Cutting Machines Can Help You!

The CNC laser cuttingmachines are a mainstay for a majority of industrial and production houses as they are just perfect for making prototypes made of metals, particularly in projects that have short production runs and require thicker uses of metal. These machines are required for cutting sheet metal to perfection whether they are steel, stainless steel, titanium, aluminum alloy, and more.

The best thing about the CNC or Computer Numerically Controlled machines is that they require minimal set up time. Besides this, there is no hard tooling required and involves very little engineering time. All in all, you should easily be able to get on with your production order the same day. This is what happens when you have this kind of technology working for you. What these machines are able to do is reduce the amount of work you are required to put in to complete an order. It also means you are able to complete the production works on the same day you receive an order! Now, isn’t this what efficiency is all about?

Using CNC laser cutting machines, using the same sheet metal for making multiple cuts is very much possible. When you go about doing this, there will be ties that will hold together all the pieces together. The machine, on its part, will continue doing its work and complete the entire cutting process in one go. The operator will then be required to use a rubber mallet or shake off the metal sheet to have all the parts loosened from one another. Now, this is the reason why the parts produced by these machines are also known as ‘Shaker’ parts. Also, while precision cuts are achieved through these machines, not all of the available sheet metal pieces are used in the production process, making wastage an inevitable factor in the process.

It is not just Carbon Dioxide; the CNC laser cutting machines make use of a high voltage system, because of which the gas is excited. All this will give you an impression that the machine emanates a single wavelength of light. To cut a metallic sheet into a required dimension and shape, the machine makes use of an optics system that helps direct onto an area where the cut is required. The usefulness of the optics system is that it helps reduce the diameter of light and hence narrow it down to a required level. At the time of metal cutting, both the laser bed and the cutting laser move in tandem. The gas mixture comprising of oxygen and nitrogen that help blow away the vaporized metal also assists in the combustion process. The presence of oxygen is what helps the laser do the cutting process quicker in these machines.

The modern day CNC laser cutting machine come loaded with a number of new and exciting features. For example, some of these machines make use of nitrogen in their air to make the vaporization and combustion process a lot easier while going about cutting metallic sheets and materials. There are a number of manufacturers these days that produce and market these machines.