Monday, 10 September 2018

Sure-Shot Ways to Improve Your Home Interiors & Best Home Interiors

In the world we are living in today have so many houses with great decorations and home interiors. In fact, whichever place you select, you can expect each one of them to have its own fashion and style that you can’t ignore. It is for this reason you should always consider improving home interior designs. This simple act will let you stay updated on fashion that is trending these days. No doubt, depending upon your budget and taste, home interiors may be expensive. But, when you think about all the considerations, you can save a lot in the end!
You feel very comfortable and safe at your place when it is designed according to your taste. It is impossible to rest peacefully and comfortably when the place is not treated with the care and love it deserves. Therefore, whenever you’re considering some improvements, make sure to check the availability of space.
These days, lots of wall decor and home accents are available on the market, including accents that are contemporary, traditional, etc. These can be used to match the color of your wall. Also, when you go shopping for these things, you’ll find different prices for different items. Therefore, you need to shop with the utmost care and diligence.
When you’re contemplating improving your home interiors, you first need to identify the structure of your place that urgently needs the attention. Then, as a next step, you need to select the styles and designs that will complement your house. Do not make the mistake of ruining the interior design that was made previously. When you use the right methods for improving your home interiors, your home will look beautiful and enhanced automatically. As a homeowner, you’re always free to choose different unique ideas that have come up in your mind or even refer some websites that deal with home improvement ideas. What this approach will do is to widen your options and lets you choose the best for your home!
You should be careful while spending hard-earned money on your home interior works. In fact, these exercises are quite complex, especially when you involve professionals like architects, builders, and contractors. As a point, you should keep an eye on your budget. If you’re doubtful about any action or idea, it is better to ask your friends or relatives that have undergone home improvement exercises in the past. Never take a chance with home interior works if you’re not sure. It may end up being a waste of money and energy. Bringing right ideas to your home will, no doubt, freshen up the whole atmosphere!

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Metal Powder Coating Services, Powder Coating on Products

Metal Powder Coating Services, Powder Coating on Products
Powder Coating

Avitron has State-of-Art Painting Facility

  • PLC Controlled Pre Treatment with transporter
  • Conveyorised Powder Coating
  • ITW GemaReciprocator & spray Guns- to achieve uniform spraying of paint
  • Testing equipment : Cross hatch, Bend test to check the adhesion.

Powder Coating processes of Avitron are environment-friendly and are technologically advanced way of finishing off an end product. What is really good about our Powder coating processes is the unused powder can be recycled entirely and be used all over again. Therefore we help in promoting a Green environment.

Our large facility in Gurgaon can easily accommodate large sized parts within our powder coating process. Also, our skilled painters have experience of providing excellent finishes to your product, either by hand or a wet spray alternative. We have stock of standard colors finishes with different variations of Gloss, Satin, Texture, Matt, and Polyester.

Product Design Services, Industrial Autocad Designers

What is really good about Avitron is that we have vast experience in designing various components that are required for manufacturing and final assembly. Due to this, we are able to lessen lead times, minimize costs, improve usability and visual style, and guarantee quality.

Software used:

  • Solid Works 3D
  • Solid Edge
  • Solid Works EPDM
  • Solid Works Inspection
  • SAP

Our professional and experienced, in-house team will work tirelessly alongside custom designers for adding value through various stages of design, development, and at point of use.

Our customers have always appreciated our ability to create impeccable engineering drawings and CAD designs from mere concepts and sketches using various manufacturing techniques.

Also, we are able to create 3D images from available CAD designs to enable our customers have a look at the completed sheet metal fabrication products.

Our aim will always be to:

  • Reduce lead times
  • Create detailed engineering drawings and CAD designs using the best-in-class Design for Manufacture technique.
  • Reduce sheet metal/product fabrication costs by providing low cost design options in-house.
  • Improved design to enable cost reduction, improved visibility and usability.

Saturday, 15 April 2017

Customized Fabrication Works for Telecom Industry

Customized Fabrication Works for Telecom Industry


Avitron has an enviable position in the market. Therefore, in order to maintain our high standard and to continue remaining as one of market leaders, we make sure to provide exceptional quality and customized fabrication works for all industries like Electricals & Electronics.

All our customized fabrication works that are available for a number of industry verticals are carried out by our team of professionals that have exceptional talent and experience in their respective domains. To ensure we are able to meet your expectations, we employ only the best of technologies and advanced machines. Furthermore, we make sure to provide the customized fabrication works in accordance with the standards set in the industry.

It is our constant endeavor to provide fabrication works that are incredible in quality and will enhance the life of your structures.

Customized Office Furniture Manufacturers, Metal Street Furniture

Customized Office Furniture Manufacturers, Metal Street Furniture


In the past few years, we have seen how our urban landscapers, private developers, and city planners have changed their approach in designing Public Infrastructure features - gradually moving away from pure utility to eye-catching and contemporary pieces. 

At Avitron, we fully understand your design considerations that are associated with public infrastructure - utility and esthetics, durability, and portability. 

A number of public infrastructure applications have been featuring fabricated decorative sheet metal and thereby contributing to eye-catching Signage, Barrier screening, and amenity within parks, roads, playgrounds, gardens, and nature reserves. 

We are increasingly seeing metal works incorporated within open space environment and urban streetscape, albeit in various forms - like Picnic tables, Park benches, Trash bins, enclosures, Drinking fountains, Fences, etc. 

Understanding this need, Avitron is willing to work closely with landscape architects, private developers, and government institutions to give valuable design suggestions and help develop custom sheet metal street furniture. We will employ the best of materials, manufacturing processes, and laser cutting effects to meet your objectives. 

products display racks, gondola racks and retail stores display

Major retail outlets, Global brand Shops, dealers, distributors, are always in need of custom manufacturing for POP (point-of-purchase) Displays. Besides this, they are always on the lookout for customized solutions that will provide durability, outstanding craftsmanship, from an expert and experienced provider who is capable of handling large-scale rollouts.
Thats where Avitron can bring in the difference you have been looking for. With all of retail display processes carried out in-house, you can always expect short lead-times and quality to be at-par with the industry standard.

Some Retail Display Options for you:

  1. Gandolas
  2. Countertops
  3. Cash wraps
  4. Fixtures
  5. Floor standings
  6. Sign holders, and much more

Why choose us?

  1. Our Retail Displays are creative
  2. Availability of custom designs
  3. High-quality sheet metal fabrication
  4. Optimum quality
  5. Ability to meet aggressive deadlines
  6. Durable
  7. Affordable