Thursday, 18 May 2017

Metal Powder Coating Services, Powder Coating on Products

Metal Powder Coating Services, Powder Coating on Products
Powder Coating

Avitron has State-of-Art Painting Facility

  • PLC Controlled Pre Treatment with transporter
  • Conveyorised Powder Coating
  • ITW GemaReciprocator & spray Guns- to achieve uniform spraying of paint
  • Testing equipment : Cross hatch, Bend test to check the adhesion.

Powder Coating processes of Avitron are environment-friendly and are technologically advanced way of finishing off an end product. What is really good about our Powder coating processes is the unused powder can be recycled entirely and be used all over again. Therefore we help in promoting a Green environment.

Our large facility in Gurgaon can easily accommodate large sized parts within our powder coating process. Also, our skilled painters have experience of providing excellent finishes to your product, either by hand or a wet spray alternative. We have stock of standard colors finishes with different variations of Gloss, Satin, Texture, Matt, and Polyester.

Product Design Services, Industrial Autocad Designers

What is really good about Avitron is that we have vast experience in designing various components that are required for manufacturing and final assembly. Due to this, we are able to lessen lead times, minimize costs, improve usability and visual style, and guarantee quality.

Software used:

  • Solid Works 3D
  • Solid Edge
  • Solid Works EPDM
  • Solid Works Inspection
  • SAP

Our professional and experienced, in-house team will work tirelessly alongside custom designers for adding value through various stages of design, development, and at point of use.

Our customers have always appreciated our ability to create impeccable engineering drawings and CAD designs from mere concepts and sketches using various manufacturing techniques.

Also, we are able to create 3D images from available CAD designs to enable our customers have a look at the completed sheet metal fabrication products.

Our aim will always be to:

  • Reduce lead times
  • Create detailed engineering drawings and CAD designs using the best-in-class Design for Manufacture technique.
  • Reduce sheet metal/product fabrication costs by providing low cost design options in-house.
  • Improved design to enable cost reduction, improved visibility and usability.