Saturday, 15 April 2017

Customized Office Furniture Manufacturers, Metal Street Furniture

Customized Office Furniture Manufacturers, Metal Street Furniture


In the past few years, we have seen how our urban landscapers, private developers, and city planners have changed their approach in designing Public Infrastructure features - gradually moving away from pure utility to eye-catching and contemporary pieces. 

At Avitron, we fully understand your design considerations that are associated with public infrastructure - utility and esthetics, durability, and portability. 

A number of public infrastructure applications have been featuring fabricated decorative sheet metal and thereby contributing to eye-catching Signage, Barrier screening, and amenity within parks, roads, playgrounds, gardens, and nature reserves. 

We are increasingly seeing metal works incorporated within open space environment and urban streetscape, albeit in various forms - like Picnic tables, Park benches, Trash bins, enclosures, Drinking fountains, Fences, etc. 

Understanding this need, Avitron is willing to work closely with landscape architects, private developers, and government institutions to give valuable design suggestions and help develop custom sheet metal street furniture. We will employ the best of materials, manufacturing processes, and laser cutting effects to meet your objectives. 

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